Your electric meter track how much electricity you use in your home. Your bills will depend on your household, the size of your home, and many things you use that access your electricity. Your electric bill will be calculated in one of two ways: actual usage obtained by reading your meter or estimated usage estimated on how much electricity you would normally use at that time of year.

If your bill is frequently estimated, you may be paying more for your electricity bill than you should be. Reading your own electric meter and reporting your reading to your light company will help lower your bills. If you have been over billed your subsequent light bills will reflect a lower bill amount.

The first step to reading you electric meter is, knowing what type of meter you have. There are several different kinds of meters. Use these descriptions to identify the type of meter you have:

A single register digital meter displays your meter reading in one row or a single register. Most electric companies will offer online tools to help manage your electricity online with a digital meter. Your bills are usually not estimated with this type of meter because your meter sends a transmission directly to the light company with your read on it. To read, right down the first 5 numbers from left to right and ignore any number to the right of the fifth number.

A digital meter with two registers will have two row of number versus a single register digital meter. Just like the single your meter will transmit your meter reading to your electric company. The top number shows how many off-peak units of electricity you have uses and the bottom shows normal or day units of electricity were used. To read; right down the first 5 numbers on both registers. You can get a Houston Electricity Comparison online.

A two rate single display meter will either have one or two displays to read from. There will either be two displays or one. If there is only one display there will be a button to press to obtain the other reading. This type of meter will also send its reading directly to the light company. To read, write down the number from left to right for both registers.

A dial meter has five or six dials that read from left to right. Each dial will have what looks like a clock face, however there will only be one hand. The number the hand is pointing to will be the number that reads for that dial. The first dial on the right will be the first read position and the dial on the far right will be the fifth or sixth read position. To read; right down the number that the hand is pointing to for each dial, if there is a dial marked one tenth you can disregard this reading.

Reading our meter is not as hard as it seems. Once you have your reading if it differs from what is on your bill contact your electric provider to receive an adjustment.

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