What to Do if Your Spray Tan is Darker Than Expected -

What to Do if Your Spray Tan is Darker Than Expected

Getting a sun-kissed complexion is desired by most people, but life seems to always be bustling, thus hindering the time you are able to dedicate to basking in the sun. Of course, most of the world lives in regions where the sun is limited annually, further complicating the reach for a flawless, tanned complexion. Of course, laying in a tanning bed has proven to be dangerous, too. Well, the avid tanner decided enough was enough, and developed the process known as spray tanning. Certain places truly dominate the industry, so spray tanning Round Rock is no stranger in what to tell their clients to do if their tans come out too dark.

Take a Shower

The initial shock of a spray tan is fairly overwhelming, but it fades fairly quickly after the first shower. As the excess residue washes away, you will be really satisfied at what is left. A typical spray tan lasts around four to ten days anyways, but frequent showers hasten the process. What if the shower does not work, though? There are more options.

Lemon Juice

Take a cloth, squeeze a few lemons on it, or use some ready-to-go juice. Rub it on the area deemed unsatisfactory using force. The acid in the lemon will deteriorate the chemical components that the bronzer in the spray tan has, ultimately making it appear to fade. However, the rubbing will result in a reddened, irritated complexion that will take a few hours to fade.

Baking Soda

Alright, at this point, you might be at your wits end with the tan that will not seem to go away, so it is time to break out the big guns: Baking soda. The lightening components of this household staple should act as a bleach that greatly fades the spray tan. Clearly safer than using bleach itself, this powder should be mixed with a little bit of lemon juice to form a paste. Apply it to your skin, rub it in, and let it soak. You can also rigorously scrub it in if you want.


The cosmetic tools have always been used to cover even the largest of blemishes and imperfections, so it will certainly work on a spray tan that is way too dark. While it might be costly to cover your entire body, it is up to you if it will be worth it or not.

Spray tan Round Rock, as a whole, ensures that all customers will understand what to do if their tan is not to their liking.